Revised Employment Regulation in Denmark

Denmark has introduced revamped regulations aimed at facilitating temporary work stays for foreign professionals without the need for a traditional residency or work permit. These changes offer enhanced flexibility, particularly for individuals engaged in specific industries and roles demanding high- and intermediate-level expertise.

Key Provisions of the New Rule

1. Temporary Work Without a Permit
Foreign employees can now work and reside in Denmark temporarily, contingent upon employment in a Danish company with a minimum of 50 employees.

2. Work Structure and Duration
Two separate working periods within 180 days are allowed.
Each period comprises a minimum of 15 working days.
A mandatory 14-day stay outside Denmark is required between each working period.

Applicability and Industry Focus

1. Industries Covered
The new rules primarily apply to the following sectors:
– Construction
– Agriculture
– Forestry and horticulture
– Cleaning (including window cleaning)
– Hotel and catering
– Carriage of goods by road

2. Exemptions

Exempt for general purposes
– Board members: Up to a maximum of 40 days per year
– Specific work assignments: Up to a maximum of 90 days
– Guest teachers: Eligible for exemption up to five days
– Artists and performers: Essential personnel for significant artistic event