Luxembourg Shelf Company

It is possible to register several types of companies in Luxembourg, or acquire an existing Luxembourg Shelf Company, depending on the type of business activities that will be conducted, the business purpose and the legal form. This is the main reason why it is important to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each legal form, before deciding with business structure is best for a business in Luxembourg.

Company registration in Luxembourg and starting a business in this jurisdiction is a relatively simple process. However, before initiating the procedure of setting up a company in Luxembourg, it is important to follow certain steps.

Luxembourg has some of the lowest tax rates, which is why registering a company offers several advantages, especially for those businesses who want to expand their activity on the EU market or to set up their European headquarters in Luxembourg. Most companies and organizations also opt for relocating their logistics related activities in Luxembourg.

Depending on the taxation and on the legal requirements for each business structure, it is important to opt for the best type of company that suits the business purposes of a legal entity. Find out more about companies in Luxembourg by selecting one of the forms of company which we have available below.

  • Private Limited Liability Company (S.à r.l.)
  • Public Limited Liability Company (S.A.)

All companies in Luxembourg  are registered at the Luxembourg Business Register (LBR).

If you’re considering how to buy a Shelf Company in Luxembourg then please contact us for expert advice and information.

A detailed Summary of Luxembourg Corporate Taxes can be found here.