Bank Account

Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

One of the first and most crucial tasks that you will need to undertake in order to establish a company is to open a bank account in your country of choice. Opening bank accounts sounds easy, but unfortunately very often this is not the case.

Opening the Bank Account

In order to open bank accounts, quite a number of institutions require applicants to visit the bank in person. That’s fine if you’re a French company and you want to open an account in Paris, however, it’s not quite as convenient for those of us living outside France. Other banks insist that you provide them with a letter of introduction, duly translated and certified, from another bank. Again, this is fine if you are fluent in the local language and have a good understanding of what’s required, but can be cumbersome and expensive.

Bank Account Specialists

At Shelf Company our aim is to make the whole process of opening International bank accounts, as quick, easy and streamlined as possible. You can also be assured of personal service from our staff every step of the way.

Through our knowledge of local banking regulations and our relationships with over 500 major banking groups and our International preferred partnerships, we help our clients to cut through the red tape of opening bank accounts across the globe and progress as quickly as possible. Where banks require you to visit in person, we will have a local representative on hand to assist you through this sometimes daunting process and we can negotiate favourable terms and conditions.

Leave the paperwork to us and manage your bank accounts over the internet or telephone. You will also have access to a dedicated contact person at the bank for any questions you may have.

To find out more about how Shelf Company can help you solve your International Banking Requirements please contact us, and open your bank account today.