Why Join as an Affiliate of Shelf-Company.eu?

Joining us will mean that your Company becomes part of our ever expanding Worldwide network of offices and professionals.
Providing the very best Professional Shelf Company acquisition and Client Services together.

Who Should Apply?

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United Kingdom

Corporate Services

“Being part of a Worldwide organisation has been such a boost”.



Chartered Accountant

“One of the best moves we ever made. Happy to be part of this network”.




“Has provided us trusted service providers in multiple locations”.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shelf-Company.eu Affiliate

Why should I join Shelf-Company.eu?

Shelf-company.eu is an organisation with offices already present in many different jurisdiction across the globe, however we are always on the look-out for additional members of our organisation who are able to provide professional services to our clients.

All members of our organisation must go through a vetting process, so that we can provide assurance to our clients that the highest level of professionalism and client service is upheld at all times, no matter where in the world they and their business go.

What services do I need to provide to join the Shelf-Company.eu network?

Shelf Company EU provides Shelf Companies, Company Formation, on-going administration, accounting, taxation and other professional services to its clients. In addition, certain offices are able to provide complementary services such as paymaster services, visa application services, merchant banking services and commercial banking services.

Where should I be located?

Shelf Company EU is always on the lookout for new members to its organisation. We are therefore looking for professional service providers in jurisdictions that we do not currently offer.

What do I do next to join Shelf-Company.eu?

Once you have passed through our vetting process, your organisation will have exclusivity on the specific jurisdiction. This means that Shelf-Company.eu will not look for any other service provider in your specific location, therefore all clients of that specific location will be managed exclusively by you.